Freemasonry and Charity

Freemasonry and Charity


Freemasonry supports many charities and in brief our charitable work can be split into 4 areas:

  • Collecting for the benefit of Freemasons and the families when they are in distress
  • Collecting for the main masonic charities, non-masonic charities and
  • Collecting for the benefit of charities in our local communities.


You will not see freemasons shaking collecting tins or asking for public donations, our charitable fund raising takes place within the Masonic community and if there is a criticism that can be levied at us is that we do not shout loud enough about the good work we do.

Who we have helped

£221 Donated to Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal from money raised at our last regular meeting

poppy appeal.JPG


Some of the Non-Masonic charities we have supported this year include, Marie Curie, Troop Aid, Star and Garter Home, Mind, Job’s Close and the British Heart Foundation

charity 1.jpgcharity 2.jpgcharity 3.jpg