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Tue, 18th February 2014, 1:38pm

Hi Norman

While in the Events Masonic section and clicking add to calendar it would appear that only the Lodge meetings have been added to my calendar - Officers Meetings and Class of Instruction don't upload. I accept it may be operator error on my part but can you check out the feature ?
FYI Social events upload so no problem there


Greig Young

Mon, 4th November 2013, 12:31pm

Well done Norman good work with the photographs from the Skittles night it was a great night enjoyed by all and not just because my team won it!! Re the captions on the photos...dont give up the day job

Greig Young

Mon, 28th October 2013, 10:54pm

Congratulations on the web site keep up the good work.

Robin Addey

Sun, 13th October 2013, 1:08pm

Love the website Dad.

Megan Hurley

Tue, 24th September 2013, 12:16am

Great links to Lodge events which automatically update your calendar - a super time saving feature

Greig Young