We held an informal meeting at 20.30hr 21 april 2020 13 brethren attended using ZOOM virtual meeting App and was really successful and we toasted absent brethren at 9pm

Advantages of a virtual meeting: 

You can’t catch anything, you can fall asleep, you can have a drink, you can be as laid back as you like, you can look interested, you can look confused, you can scratch your head and when its finished don’t have to drive back home.


By the way its all captured on camera!

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Keeping in touch - we have created a 'whats App' group Knowle 8001 for Lodge members, if you would like to be on it get in touch with Secretary or webmaster.

We have now created a virtual meeting group for all brethren at the lodge using an App called ZOOM if you want to know more about it contact W Bro Paul Hurley or webmaster W Bro Norman Jewitt and the following link will explain more.                                 Our first virtual meeting will take place tonight at 8.30 pm and all should have received an invite.

Important notice: Due to the COVID-19 virus all masonic events are now closed down fo a period of 4 months

2 of the events shown below have already taken place, however it is unfortunate that our Ladies Night is now cancelled

Social Events Please look out for these on events Pages

February 16 Valentines Lunch

March 6 Skittles Night

April 18 Ladies Night


On Monday 28th of October The members and visitors of Knowle Lodge experienced an excellent Initiation ceremony, with our newest member Daniel Toth  initiated by his father in Law W.Bro Grieg Young.

An explanation of the Mode of Preparation was given by W.Bro Albert Walker

The Worshipfull Master W.Bro James Barratt thanked the brethren who took part in the ceremony and welcomed BroDaniel into the Lodge


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Newsletter 2017/2018 

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A Certificate was presented to our Lodge at our last Regular Meeting on Monday 26th of Feb 2018, for our 3 Year plan developed by the brethren of Knowle Lodge in 2015.

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